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ENQUIRY No. JKE/013/I/25 Dated: 04-04-2013

OFFERS DUE ON : 16-04-2013

OPENING ON 17-04-2013



Dear Sir,

Please quote your lowest rates for supply of the following items on the terms & conditions specified hereunder:

Item No.

Description of Materials

Quantity required


spec.if any

Delivery Required.




Printing & Supply of various Forms as per Annexure format headings are to be printed in Bilingual Hindi & English

As per Annexure

Samples can be seen at our Office


100% upto 15thMay 2013.


1. RATES : Should be quoted on FOR at our Stores Peerbagh, Hyderpora Srinagar,

  1. SALES TAX/: Central Sales Tax/Excise Duty should be specified clearly in the quotation,

EXISE DUTY: otherwise same will not be admitted lateron.

  1. OFFERS : Should be completed with full specifications and technical leaflet/catalogue and whenever
  2. possible should be accompanied with FREE non returnable samples.

  3. VALIDITY : Offers should be valid for at least 90 days from the closing date of the tender.
  4. QUOTATION: Should be sent in sealed covers subscribed with our ENQUIRY No. and DUE DATE
  5. separately for each enquiry so as to reach us well before the due date. The Quotations

    received after due date are liable to be rejected.

  6. TERMS OF : Our normal terms of payment is full payment after receipt/inspection and acceptance of

PAYMENT : materials in our stores within a period of about 60-90 days. Offers agreeing to these terms

would be given preference over those specifying other terms.


Failure to adhere to these instructions will render the offer liable for rejection.