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Welcome to the World of Quality and Reliability!

This website is for you

Quality and Reliability of Products and Services determine the excellence of an Organisation. Corporate QA is pleased to enrich you with Quality and Reliability related information through this Intranet. This web site hosts 210 documents and articles, comprising 10,000 pages and 1600 slides and 7 short videos of total 30 minutes duration.

You can access online

  • The latest ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) Certificates of all ITI Plants
  • The latest ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) Certificates of ITI Plants
  • Quality Policy and Quality Manual of the Company
  • Latest Quality Management and Environmental Management IS / ISO Standards
  • Indian standards (BIS), Defence Standards (JSS/JSG), International Standards (IEC/ISO)
  • Technical articles, Presentations and Videos on Quality system Basics
  • Quality and Reliability Engineering tools
  • Reliability Engineering Guidance documents and related U.S. MIL Standards
  • Details of approved Electronic Components by ITI BG, CDOT and Alcatel and their cross references
  • Preferred Components (ITI BG 15 Digit Codes)
  • Corporate Standards on Raw materials, finishing and testing
  • Tutorial articles and Presentations on Telecom Basics (CDMA, GSM, Optical Communication etc.)



Present Team
A. M. Uniyal Lt.Col.(Rtd.) GM (R&D and QA)
V. Muthiah AGM (QA)
B. K. Ravish CE (QC and QV),
Veeramani EE,
K.Sathyavathi PS/AEE
Indra Viswanath PS/G2
Ramanna EE(Comptesting)
Eswar AEE(REL)
Shanthakumari AEE
R&D and QA Officers
and many more

Past Team (From 2004)
A.K.Rangari ADR (QA)
S.S.Choudhary GM (R&D and QA)
D.K.Mallik GM (R&D and QA)
D.C.Bansal AGM
K.N.Mohandas AGM
V.V.Prabhu DGM (QV)
Md.Dawood DGM (QV)
B.N.Gnaneshwar CE
and many more