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TENDER ID NO A201714R                                                                                              Date:  01.09.2017


  Last date of submission of Bids: 06.09.2017   Till 11:00 Hrs (IST)   

  Tender Opening Date:  06.09.2017  at 11:30 Hrs. (IST)


Venue of Tender opening: - “ COMPUTER DIVISION “ ITI Ltd., Mankapur

M/ s  ……………………………………….

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SUB: Tender Enquiry ( Inland/Foreign)  for Supply of  01 No. of   FLYING PROBE TESTER.


Dear Sir,

         Please quote your most competitive rates and best delivery terms for the following Items on the   terms & conditions as given below : -




Technical Specification





Technical Specification are enclosed as per Annexure “A”

01 No.

(1)   Method for Submission of Tenders:-The Tenders shall be submitted in two parts as under :-


(A)  Technical Bid:- Consisting of Technical Specifications, Point to Point  Technical Compliance with all technical details & technical catalogues, etc.


Technical Bid must also contain Un-priced copy of Price / Commercial Bid, Clause by Clause Compliance of technical specification attached at Annexure- A and Tender Check list as per Annexure-E.

Answer to the Points in check list from Sl. No. 1 to 11 should only be ‘YES’ .     


(B)  Price Bid / Commercial Bid:- Consisting of the price Bids/Commercial Bids only. Price/Commercial bid must be submitted in the format attached at Annexure - D.


(C)  Each of the above bids must be sealed in separate envelope and envelope must be super scribed with Technical Bid and Price Bid/Commercial Bids. Tender ID NO A 201714R Dated: 01.09.2017, Last date of  submission of Bids : 06.09.2017 till  11.00 AM (IST) and Tender Opening Date : 06.09.2017 AT 11.30 AM(IST) may be clearly indicated in Technical Bid and Price Bid / Commercial Bid.


(D)  Both the above envelopes must be sealed and kept inside the third envelope duly sealed having the    following information:-

Offer Against Tender ID Ref No.: A201714R

Tender ID Date: 01.09.2017

Last date of  submission of Bids: 06.09.2017 TILL 11.00 AM (IST)
Tender Opening Date : 06.09.2017 AT 11.30 AM(IST)

Supplier Name & Address with e-mail ID & Contact Details -----


(E)    The interested Vendors are required to submit their Quotation in SEALED ENVELOPES ONLY and the same should reach the below address on or before the Last/due date of  submission of Bids.  Quotation sent by e-mail / Fax are not acceptable.


The Manager (Tender Cell), Computer Division

ITI Limited, Mankapur

Gonda –271308 (UP), INDIA.


(F)  Offer shall not be considered in case of violation of above instruction.





a)       Tenders against our Enquiries (Tender ID) shall be opened on Tender Opening Date  at 11:30 hrs. IST. The Tender Opening Date is mentioned in covering letter of NIT. Venue of Tender opening will be “ COMPUTER DIVISION “ ITI Ltd., Mankapur. Interested bidders may participate in Tender opening.


b)       It is to be noted that on the tender opening date, only the Technical Bid shall be opened. Financial bid of successful (technically suitable) bidders shall be opened later on. Date of opening of Financial Bid shall be intimated separately to technically successful bidders. Financial bid of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned after finalization of technical bid.

c)       Foreign Exchange conversion rate (TT selling rate of SBI) as prevailing upon last date of submission of bids shall be considered for financial comparison/tabulation /evaluation of various offers.  In case aforesaid Foreign currency conversion rate is  not available for last date of bids submission , then exchange rate  available as on next working day shall be taken for financial comparison /evaluation of  various offers.

(3)   The detailed General Terms and Conditions for submission of Tender- Inland/Import  (which is an integral part of this tender enquiry) and Checklist are attached as per Annexure “B/C”& “E”.

Point to point compliance of Technical Specifications as per Annexure “A” and General Terms & Conditions and Check List for submission of tender as per Annexure “B/C” and Annexure “E” is must. Otherwise, it will be presumed that the same are acceptable to the bidder.

(4)   Validity of the offer: - 180 Days.

(5)   Interested bidders may participate in tender opening.

(6)   Late offers received after due date will not be considered.

(7)   Delivery required:- 60 Days.

(8)   Installation & commissioning to be done by supplier free of cost at our works.

(9)     Tender Checklist against this tender enquiry is attached at Annexure-E.  Please ensure to submit duly filled tender Checklist along with technical bid.

(10) Earnest Money Deposit (EMD): The bidders must submit EMD of Rs. 4,40,000.00 (Four Lacs Forty Thousand) in form of Account payee  DD in favour of M/s ITI Limited Mankapur payable at SBI ITI Township Branch Mankapur (SBI Branch Code: 8549) against this Tender.  EMD amount of unsuccessful vendor will be returned within 30 Days of the finalisation of tender. EMD amount of successful bidder shall be converted into Security Deposit. Offers without EMD Draft in Technical Bid Envelope will not be considered for further processing.   After submission of BID, due to any reason (what so ever it may be) If any  bidder opts  for withdrawal of  its offer before finalization of tender, the EMD amount submitted by the bidder shall  be  forfeited. DD must be issued by a Scheduled Bank.( If EMD is already submitted against Tender Enquiry No. A201714 Dated 13.07.2017 alongwith your Bid,    then need not to submit EMD, only  mention the details of DD.)



(11) SECURITY DEPOSIT: In case of an order, successful vendor will have to submit   along with PO acceptance a Security Deposit  of 10% of order value in form of Performance Bank Guarantee(PBG)  in favour of ITI Limited Mankapur  issued by a scheduled  bank  having validity of 30 months from date of issuance   . The same   shall  be encashed  in case vendor fails to execute the order to our satisfaction in all respects. This PBG will be returned after satisfactory completion of warranty period


(12) AGENTS: 

a.       The name, address, telephone numbers and fax numbers and E-mail number of your authorized Indian agents if any should be clearly mentioned.

b.       In the event of an offer from authorized agents on behalf of their principals’, relevant valid documents authorizing them, as agents should accompany the offer. Offers without this valid authorization letter are liable for rejection.

c.        Any changes in Agency/Agent, should be informed to us in time.

d.       Agency commission if any, must be indicated separately to enable us to arrange payment of the same here in Indian Currency. Agency commission is payable after acceptance of complete ordered quantity.

e.        The agency commission payable, if any shall be explicitly quoted stating whether the same is inclusive or exclusive of FOB price and also the quantum of agency commission payable

f.        Foreign vendors who are submitting their offer/ quotation directly, must have their office in India (Preferably in Delhi to support logistics, Installation & Commissioning of equipments, warranty, Spares, AMC and after sales service. Offers of such Vendor who does not have their office in India are liable for rejection.


(13) Terms of price/ Delivery:        1. For Import Consignment:  FCA/FOB (named gate way Airport).

                                                                2. For Inland Consignment:  FOR ITI Mankapur.

(14) Payment Terms:

1. For import consignment: 100% through irrevocable LC with 60 days credit and subject to acceptance & successful installation and commissioning of equipment at site i.e. ITI Mankapur.

2. For supply in Indian currency: 100% within 60 days subject acceptance and successful installation and commissioning of equipment at site i.e. ITI Mankapur.

(15) Integrity Pact:- The bidder has to sign & submit an Integrity Pact with ITI along with Technical Bid as per attached Format at Annexure-F.

(16) Please ensure to indicate GSTIN number and commodity code in your quotation.


You are requested to submit your quotation on or before due/last date of bids submission  positively.




Dy Materials  Manager (SW)



Phone no: (91)05265-274322

E-mail :