Expression of Interest (EOI) for


Engagement of Mobilising Agencies


Our Ref : ITI/MKP/EOI-SDC-September,2017


Due Date for Submission of offer : 05th Oct, 2017


Issued by:

ITI Limited

Mankapur, Gonda -271308.


Regd. Office: ITI Bhavan, Doorvaninagar, Bangalore -560016





Preface for EOI


ITI LIMITED (hereinafter stated as ITI) is a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) under Ministry of Communications, Government of India, a pioneer in the field of telecommunications, with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread across six locations and a countrywide network of marketing/service outlets. The company offers a complete range of telecom products and total solutions covering the whole spectrum of Switching, Transmission, Access and Subscriber Premises Equipment. ITI Limited is actively involved, committed and continues to develop skills of students/ trainees through imparting training in Telecom sector skills etc., in association with National Skill Development Council (NSDC) and their sector skill development councils like Telecom Sector Skill Development Council (TSSC) and Electronic Sector Skill Development Council of India (ESSCI) under the umbrella of the initiatives Govt., of India on the theme of Skill Development to the youths for their suitable employment in time to make India a more vibrant emerging economy much ahead of other nations in the years to come.


ITI intends to create a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Skill Development Centres (SDC’s) at Mankapur, Raebareli, Naini, Srinagar Units, etc., to promote Skill India, under the various schemes of skill development initiatives/activities, upon which other Qualification Packs/ Job Roles for other locations could be promoted.


ITI passionately strives for the whole gamut of the training sphere under skill development initiative by imparting technical knowledge, developing skills to enhance the employability of the youth of India.


ITI proposes to engage one or more Mobilising agencies /firms for a strategic tie-up with ITI Limited to empower the youth of the neighborhood of Plants of ITI Limited at Northern units including Mankapur (Gonda), Raebareli, Naini etc. Trainees are to be sensitized about the employment opportunities by imparting the necessary training and guidance about different courses as per demand of employability, self employment etc. Trainees will be certified by Government of India.


With this background, Expression of Interest is invited from competent, experienced and proven Mobilising agency/ firms/ training providers/consortium/ company/ corporation or NGOs to be associated with ITI Limited for mobilising candidates for skill development training.




ITI will coordinate and facilitate the requirements of NSDC and its Sector Skill Councils for conducting skill development sessions periodically. The selected Mobilising agency /firm will have to carry out the following tasks.


i. Mobilisation of candidates;

ii.Setting up necessary infrastructure at the training centers alongwith all the required lab equipmenta as per the prescribed guidelines under various Government schemes.

iii. Procure/Design training material/handouts for the candidates;

iv. Arrange trainers in the required Qualification Packs/ Job Roles of Skill Sector Council under skilling and RPL (Recognition of prior learning), if required;

v. Organizing Job Melas, Publicity and Placements of trained trainees and spread awareness about the schemes through events, seminars, advertisements, distribution of publicity material etc.

vi. Biometric Attandence and CCTV and out center validation work

vii. Appoint the skilled manpower to manage the Scheme/s.

viii. Registration of candidates on the SDMS (Skill development management system) etc.

ix. Opening of Auto-Debit Bank accounts of the candidates;

x. Payment of Assessment Fee to the Sector Skill Council;

xi. Administrative work involved with ITI, NSDC, Sector Skill Council , Govt. agencies/Deptts and assessment agencies for smooth conduct of the training and assessment of the candidate and realisation of funds.

xii. Translate the courses into a multimedia format for easy learning/grasping by the candidates;

xiii. Any other associated tasks being prescribed / demanded by ITI.


The selected Mobilising agency /firm have to match the requirement of Sector Skill Council to conduct skill development sessions as explained herein.


a) Sector Skill Council shall be responsible for creation of occupational standards for various job roles, institutionalise accreditation process for training providers, assessment and certification of assessors, trainers and trainees.

b) Sector Skill Council, in consultation with Industry, will identify job roles that should be included for training.

c) Sector Skill Council will ensure Assessment / Certification of trainees using a robust independent assessment framework.

d) Sector Skill Council will facilitate progressive release of requisite numbers for training under various Central & State Government Schemes.

e) Sector Skill Council would strive to facilitate placement of the trained candidates through their industry partners/ connections.


Eligibility conditions for bidders

The bidders shall have credentials, established the business circles for at least for a period of two years with their professional activities in the above scope of activities.


The individual capacity and achievement will be only the reckoning factor inter alia for positive consideration towards engaging the Mobilising agency. Evidence of services in the social sphere will be an added advantage. There should not be any adverse remarks about the bidder and if it is found at any point of time, they will be summarily rejected even in the event of selection. All the required copies of certificates and testimonials should accompany filled-in tender form, otherwise it will not be considered for whatsoever reason.


Submission of EOI

The EOI must be legible without any correction and if so, shall be done only by the bidders. The focus of the receipt of the bids is to empanel the Mobilising Agency based on credentials, achievements and total competence. The Technical Bid should be submitted in sealed cover, superscribing “EOI for Technical Bid for Selection of Mobilizing Agency”.


ITI may at any time nullify this tender process, or change either the whole part or certain aspects to suit its requirement without citing any reason.


Essential documents to be enclosed

The tender shall be accompanied with copies of their competence, certificate of proof of competency of such assignments in the last 2 years with proof, Copy of PAN/TAN no., registration certificate issued by competent authority, Balance sheet for previous two years of the firm with TIN number, IT returns for the past two years, Contact office address and telephone numbers and shall be signed by the authorized signatory with seal.


The bidders are also required to mention the following :


i) Percentage of revenue to be shared between ITI & the Bidder

ii) Rentals to be paid to ITI for classroom and other facilities.


A write up about the bidder

An overall pen picture of the bidder including their services with a declaration that their integrity and ethics are fully in line with the legalities of the nation without any smear of fraudulence should be given.


There is no prescribed tender fee for this bidding.




a) After the conclusion of the stipulated time for submission of bids, the sealed outer cover will be opened on 05th October , 2017.


(b) The submitted Technical Bids will be opened and the tabulation for acceptance / rejection / classification of Bids will be made. The final list for qualified bidders for Technical Bid will be declared for empanelment.



ITI reserves the right to verify the credentials of the Mobilising agency/ firm before awarding the tasks through a bipartite MOU being entered into by ITI Limited and the Mobilising agency. ITI Limited reserves the right to accept or reject all or any tender without assigning any reason thereof. Though the Mobilising Agencies will coordinate with TSSC for Job Roles and related services, the whole exercise will be at the indisputable command and directives of ITI.


The process of awarding the tender to the competently satisfying Mobilising agency / firm is fully under the discretion of ITI Limited, Mankapur Plant head, i.e., GM-M, based upon the appropriate criteria being followed as per the directives of the Govt., of India and no bidder will have the right to dispute any of the decision of the company. This initial initiative is for empanelment of Mobilising Agencies and further action-plan is fully reserved by ITI either to utilize/consult/reject any of them or totally all of them as the case may be.


In the event of not adopting the prescribed conditions, the bidding of the Mobilising agency /firm will stand cancelled without any requirement on the

part of ITI to explain the reasons thereof.


The sealed envelopes must be addressed to: MANAGER ( TENDER CELL), COMPUTER DIVISION, ITI Limited., MANKAPUR – 271308, GONDA, UP ( INDIA)


For further details/clarifications, the intending Mobilising agency / firm may contact at the following contact points.


1.Mr. C B Verma, Dy. General Manger – Q&CD

Telephone No. : 05265 273730

Fax No. : 05265 230199

e-mail address :


2.Mr Sushil Kumar, Dy. manager (EDC&TS)

Telephone No. : 05265 273231

Fax No. : 05265 230199

e-mail address :

C B Verma

Dy. General Manger - Q & CD

ITI Limited,Mankapur, Gonda-271308