Ref: ESS/CIVIL/NIT/43                                                                                Date: 08.08.2017   


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Sealed item tenders are invited from reputed and experienced contractors in Government/PSU organization inMaterial handling and other job works” for under mentioned works in ITI, Ltd., Mankapur, Gonda (UP).




NIT No.& Name of work

Estimated cost (In lacs)

Earnest Money (In Rs.)

Completion period

Sale date of start Close

Date of Receipt opening


VCP17-04         Material handling and other Job works” in ITI Ltd., Mankapur, Gonda (UP).









  12 months







at 3.00pm


Tenders will be accepted under the two bid system:-

1.                  The technical-cum-commercial bid in Envelope No.1 should contain the following documents:

 (a)       Satisfactory completion certificate/work order issued by competent authority not below the rank of Executive Engineer for similar type of work done in the last three years for an equal amount in single order. However working contractors of ITI Limited will be eligible to participate in the bid if the cost of single tender executed by them is 50% of this NIT being called for.

(b)               Affidavit for proprietary/partnership deed/Article of Association including change in constitution of firm during last three years.

(c)                Character Certificate from District Magistrate, (for outside parties i.e. not working in ITI Mankapur), same is not needed for contractor working in ITI Mankapur, Gonda.

(d)        Photocopy of PAN Card in the name of firm.

(e)        EMD of Rs. 1,13,000/-( Rupees one lacs thirteen thousand only) in shape of Demand draft           favoring ITI Ltd., Mankapur). SSI/Co-Operative Societies may be  exempted of  EMD  amount  provided they submit document to this effect for exemption.

2.                  Document showing GSTIN registration in favour of tenderer.

3.                  The Price Bid in Envelope No.2 should contain the rates in our bill of quantity and the booklet containing general terms and conditions of contracts, special terms and   conditions & specification duly signed as token of acceptance.

4.                  The price bid of only those contractors will be opened who are found Technically and commercially acceptable.

5.                  ITI Ltd, Reserves the right to accept or reject any tender or split the tender in any number of parts without assigning any reason thereof.

6.                  Conditional tenders will not be accepted.

7.                  The work  will be awarded  as a whole  in single  package  on L-1 basis  or  part thereof on  L-1 rate.

8.                  Tenders may be submitted in the tender box kept in Tender Cell Technical building, office of Manager Computer Division factory area.

9.                  Tenders can be obtained from the office of undersigned on payment of tender fee of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only) through demand draft/postal order drawn in favour of ITI Limited, Mankapur payable at Mankapur after showing the document mentioned in para 1 above. The issuance of tender documents does not mean that the contractor is technically suitable.


:: 2 ::


10.              Tax deduction shall be applicable as per Government rule.


11.              ITI will not be responsible for non-receipt/late receipt of loss of tender documents in postal transit.


12.              The tenderers are requested to bring, original documents of Certificates at the time of opening the tenders for verification propose.


13.              For more details, tenderers may visit our web site & complete tender documents can also be down-loaded from our web site in which case the tender fee, as above is to be submitted in Envelope No.1


13.       Important Notes:

In case of tender are being submitted through E-mail, following guidelines must be     



I)                   The e-mail quotations/offers may be submitted as attachment (s) at e-mail ID: The attachment (s) must be pdf/.doc/.xls/.jpg/.tif type of file.

II)                 No copy (CC) of quotations/offers should be sent to any e-mail ID of ITI Limited.

III)             The subject line of the–email for offer/quotations must contain Tender ID no. VCP17-04 and due date 18.08.2017.

IV)              Kindly contact at aksrivastava for any clarification.

V)                Offer shall not be considered in case of violation of above instructions.



                                                                                    DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER (CS)

                                                                                       ITI LIMITED MANKAPUR

                                                                       E mail no.

                                                                                         Phone no.05265-273862,273764


Copy to :


1.       DGM(CS) for kind information please.

2.       ITI Limited Rae Bareli.

3.       ITI Limited Naini.

4.       Notice Board Civil Plant.

5.       Notice Board Civil Township.

6.       Case file.