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Vendor Registration Procedure for Procurement of Electrical/Electro Mechanical/Electronics/Mechanical items required for GSM project, w.z


Norms for Vendor Registration

i)                    Request for registration can be considered only for the following broad variety of items required in the GSM project.

      Electro-mechanical components/assemblies, e.g. DCDB, ACDB, LVDB, GI Earth plate, Earth strip, etc.

      Power Cables, PCM cables, RF/ Feeder cables, Couplers, Splitters, Omni & directional antennas for micro BTS, HDSL modem, Optical modem, etc

      Surge arresters, Lightening arrestor,etc

      Drive test & post processing tools, BTS testers, Digital through line power meter, Protocol analyzer, Engineering Hand set, Hand held GPS receiver , Isolation transformer, etc.

      DG set, UPS, Air conditioners, Batteries, etc

      Mechanical items RF connectors for feeder cables, Grounding kit, Hangers, Wall feed through 4 holes, Weather proofing kit, Aviation lamp ,etc

ii)                   The vendor shall be direct manufacturer or an authorized agent / distributor / dealer of reputed manufacturer with authorization letter from the principal if required, details of manufacturer may have to be furnished later.

For certain items, ITI Ltd may restrict to only manufacturers, in accordance with BSNL guideline.

iii)                 The vendor considered for registration must have a good financial back up, creditability to supply in public sector, large scale company, private telecom operator and technical experience / capability to execute the order.

iv)                 Preferably, the vendor should be ISO approved & comply TEC/GR technical specification and drawings as applicable on product.

v)                  Vendors considered for registration are required to submit VEQ (Vendor Evaluation Questionnaire).Approval shall be granted only after studying VEQ.

vi)                 Sample evaluation may also be carried out, if required for which supplier shall supply free samples. Evalution / testing charges at labs and in field testing, if any shall be borne by vendors.

vii)               In case facilities are not available for any particular required test to be conducted on the item vendor shall be responsible to get test done from any recognized lab at his cost and forward report to ITI LTD. GSM Pune.

viii)              Foreign vendor may be considered for registration on the basis of scrutiny of data available like compliance of TEC/GR; drawings & technical specification as applicable on product , company profile, quality information etc.

ix) P.O. shall be placed through competitive Bidding, after sample approval, if needed;. Any instructions / clarification/amendments of our customer BSNL shall have to be taken care and complied for full satisfaction of customer.


Procedure for Registration

i)                    Vendors are required to submit a introductory letter along with all the relevant documents of proof & product details.

ii)                   If ITI Ltd. requires additional source for procurement of such item, which are required for GSM project, ITI Ltd. will respond to the vendor within two weeks. The vendor is required to submit filled-in VEQ along with evaluation fee through D.D. drawn in favour of ITI Limited, Pune.

iii)                Click here to down load VEQ

The fee for VEQ will be as follows

      Small scale industry / manufacturer - Rs. 500.00

      Medium / large scale industry / manufacturer - Rs.1000.00

      Authorized agent / stockiest / dealer - Rs. 500.00

      Foreign vendors - . $ 50.00

iv)                 The vendor is required to submit filled in VEQ along with VEQ fee and other relevant documents to Chief Manager, ITI Limited, Pune as detailed below.

v)                  ITI Ltd. will study the VEQ and supporting documents. If required, the vendors survey for capacity / capability assessment shall also be done.

vi)                 If required, the vendor shall be asked to submit samples free of cost along with factory test certificates for evaluation / testing by ITI Ltd at installation sites / unit for conformance of applicable TEC/GR Specs, Drawing .

Based on evaluation / testing carried out by ITI Ltd / Alcatel / BSNL and product meeting all technical requirements, technical status will be accorded to the vendor .





vii)               If the vendor gets its product approved by TSEC as per TEC/GR, it will be considered as approved vendor for a particular product and capability as the case may be.

The contact details of Vendor Development Cell:


Chief Manager (Planning)-GSM

ITI Limited,GSM Project office, Aurora towers (East Wing) ,

415,4th Floor, M.G.Road , Pune 411001 , MH.

PH:020-26129427,26050205 ext 215

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