Notice is hereby given that the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of ITI Limited will be held on Friday the 18th March, 2005 at 10.30 a.m. at Gurunanak Bhavan, Jasma Bhavan Road,          Bangalore – 560 052 to transact the business mentioned in the Notice convening the said Extra-Ordinary General Meeting which is being posted to the Shareholders individually to their respective registered address.


By order of the Board

For ITI Limited


PLACE: Bangalore

Date:                                                                         (C.R.PRAKASH)

                                                                                 COMPANY SECRETARY


                                                           PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT



Notice is hereby given that the following Share Certificate(s) issued by the Company are stated 
to have been lost / misplaced and the 
holders thereof have requested the Company for the issue of Duplicate Share Certificate(s):

Certificate Numbers


196012  190321      190322       199307       199308       193366    2456

131797  19845        19846         19847     19842     164125     5776

131290  147599      147600       154301      154302       154303    154304

164925  170535      175682       201875       190503       190504    190505

97176    18564        126361       203216                 


Any person /s  who has / have any claim in respect of the said Shares should lodge such a claim 
with the Company’s Share Transfer Agents, viz.            
M/s. Alpha Systems Pvt. Ltd., 30, Ramana Residency, Ground Floor,           
4th Cross, Sampige Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore –560 003 within 15 days from the date 
of publication of this Notice, 
after which no claim will be entertained and the Company will proceed to issue 
Duplicate Share Certificate(s) 
to the respective holders.


                                                    For and on behalf of 

                                                    ITI LIMITED

     PLACE: Bangalore                                   Sd/-
   DATE: 22.02.2005                                    (C.R.PRAKASH)

                                                       COMPANY SECRETARY