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TENDERS 2017 – 2018

Tender Description



Due Date

Tender Reference


EOI for supply of contactless smartcard.



SR/P/SL/EOI-36/2017-18 dt 20.11.2017


EOI  for Empanelment of agency for Global International ID (GID) works. The Bidder should design, provisioning supply of international ID cards


SR/P/SL/EOI-35/2017-18/empanel-GID dt16.11.2017


EOI for providing online portal and GPS enabled vehicle tracking system


SR/P/SL/EOI-34/2017-18 dt 14.11.2017


EOI for Aadhaar seeding and enrolment works PAN INDIA for Banks, e-Governance, NPR, etc.


SR/P/SL/EOI-33/2017-2018 dt 14.11.2017


EOI for Multilingual solution for Static and Dynamic content of Website and Web Portal.


Post Poned to 27.11.2017

SR/P/SL/EOI-32/2017-18 dt 14.11.2017


Enquiry for   Lease/Rental of ITI Flat at nandanam,Chennai



Sr/P/admin/ENQ/Rental dt 07.11.2017


EOI for Empanelment of agency for wiring,shifting line extensions work at MDF & other indoor work for EPABX Exchanges for two years.


SR/P/Proj/EOI-31-2017-18/Empanel-wiring dt 07.11.2017


EOI for  Provision of lightning protection at lightning prone stations / sections in Chennai division.


SR/P/SL/EOI-30/Srly  dt 21.10.2017


EOI for Provision of Telecommunication arrangements like provision of NMS, installation of electronic exchange, shifting of OFC equipments and telecom cable  from Old OFC and exchange equipments room to New OFC  room at dindigul jn.



SR/P/SL/EOI-29/OFC -old  dt 21.10.2017


EOI for Replacement of old aged SDH /PD- MUX equipments in Tiruchirappali Dindigul-Madurai section.


SR/P/SL/EOI-28/srly-OFC dt 21.10.2017


EOI for Trenching, Laying of Permanently Solid Lubricated HDPE Pipe jointing , Back filling Blowing/Drawing OFC cable inside Permanently Solid HDPE pipe terminating with FMS and testing of OFC cable in Tiruchirappalli Jn- karaikudi jn - Manamadhurai  jn section of Madurai division.


SR/P/SL/EOI-27/srly-OFC dt 21.10.2017


EOI for Commercial publicity rights for Southern Railway zone.



SR/P/SL/EOI-26/publicity dt 16.10.2017


EOI for Installation and monitoring of on-line vehicle tracking system using GPS units /GIS for the vehicles running in Tamilnadu region


Postponed to


SR/P/SL/EOI-25/GPS dt 13.10.2017


Enquiry for supply of stationary




EOI for Empanelment of vendor for providing Telephone wiring facilities/ UG telephone cabling for campus.


SR/P/SL/EOI-24/empanel UGcabling dt 03.10.2017


EOI  for  Provision of Telecommunication arrangements at Omalur Jn, Mecheri Road and Mettur Dam stationsvon salem Divisionin connection with Doubling of Track between Omalur and Mettur Dam Stations


SR/P/SL/EOI-23/Srly dt 26.09.2017

Enquiry for Disposal of un used/scapped  2 wheelers


SR/P/Admin/ENQ/scrap dt 21.09.2017

EOI  for  Provision of Telecommunication arrangement in Pattukottai-Tiruvarur section in connection with Gauge conversion work between Karaikudi and Tiruvarur stations.


SR/P/SL/EOI-22 /srly dt 15.09.017

EOI  for  Supply, Installation,  Integration, Testing and Commissioning of CCTV Networks at PRS counters of Eight A-1 Category stations (MAS, MS, MDU,TVC,CBE,ERS,|CLT & TCR) and One A Category station (TPJ) with IP based HD Digital Cameras as per RDSO Spec No. RDSO /SPN/TC/65/2016 Revision 4.0 or latest.


SR/P/SL/EOI-21/cctv dt 15.09.2017

Quotation for Toner Refilling


SR/P/Pur/Toner Refill dt 15.09.2017

Quotation for engaging of manpower for cleaning works at apartment in nandanam


SR/P/Admin/ENQ/manpower dt 13.092017

EOI  for  empanelment  of Supply, Installation & Commissioning of CCTV/Video Surveillance Systems.


SR/P/SL/EOI-20/CCTV dt  11.09.2017

QUOTATION FOR   Engaging  of manpower for cleaning works at                                                                    apartment in nandanam .

(Details  can be collected from our office)


SR/P/Admin/ENQ/manpower dt 07.09.2017

QUOTATION FOR   Engaging  of security for office premises on conract basis.


SR/P/Admin/ENQ/security  dt 07.09.2017

EOI for  Supply,Installation,Testing and commissioning of SDH and PD MUX with powersupply arrangements in CHENNAI BEACH –WASHERMANPET & KORUKKUPET –ATTIPATTU section


SR/P/SL/EOI-19/srly dt 06.09.2017

EOI for Replacement of  Headquarters main exchange with latest version and  Augmentation of HQ exchange.


SR/P/SL/EOI-18/Exchange dt 01.09.2017

EOI for Provision of Telecommunication arrangements in Pattukottai-Tiruvarur section in connection with Gauge conversion work between Karaikudi and Tiruvarur stations


SR/P/SL/EOI-17 dt 28.08.2017

EOI for Empanelment of Enrollment agency for ADHAAR Generation and updation activity for UIDAI,PAN India.


SR/P/SL/EOI-16 dt 17.08.2017

EOI for Proposed signaling arrangements in connection with provision of Integrated Power supply with Solar panel for 23 stations.


SR/P/SL/EOI-15 dt 17.08.2017



SR/P/SL/EOI-14/Exchange dt 04.08.2017

EOI for Provision of soalr panel supply at interlocked LC gate outside the station limit(Mid section LC gate) in NON –RE area.


SR/P/SL/EOI-13/solar panel dt 28.07.2017

EOI for Replacement of Exchange at Karur and Coimbatore junction in salem division


SR/P/SL/EOI-12/SRLY dt 28.07.2017

EOI for  Telecom cable 24 Fibre armoured OFC as per Spec No IRS-TC 55/2006 REV-1 AMDT No 3 or Latest.


SR/P/SL-EOI-11/OFC dt 25.07.2017

EOI for Implementation of  Wi-Fi  solution across the campus area of 1 km to 2km.


Post poned     to 08.08.2017

SR/P/SL/EOI-10/Wi-Fi dt 25.07.2017

EOI for Supply,installation ,integration,testing and commissioning of VHF communication for driver/guard and LC gate communication with power supply arrangements in KARAIKUDI-PATTUKOTTAI section of Tiruchirappalli  DIVISION.


SR/P/SL/EOI-09/VHF dt 18.07.2017

EOI for Implementation of End to End solution for scanning , imaging and on screen evaluation of answer booklets(including multiple evaluation.)


SR/P/SL/EOI-08/MGR- UNIV dt 18.07.2017

EOI for Implementation of End to End solution for scanning , imaging and on screen evaluation of answer booklets(including multiple evaluation.)


SR/P/SL/EOI-08/MGR- UNIV dt 12.07.2017

EOI for Survay, Design, supply, installation and testing & commissioning of On Board equipment in Electric Locos and Trackside equipment along with associated works for train protection & warning System (TPWS) conforming to RDSO specification RDSO/SPN/183/2016 Ver 3.0 or latest as on date od tender opening SRS 2.3.od,FRS5.0 issued for ETCS/ERTMS Level-1 in Arakonam Jn- Jolarpettai Jn section of sothern railway.


SR/P/SL/EOI-07/srly dt 12.07.2017

EOI for Telecommunication INDOOR &OUTDOOR work of trenching, laying of OFC, 6 QUAD/PUF cable, splicing and termination of OFC, jointing and terminating of 6 QUAD/PUF cable including installation and commissioning of optical fiber communication system along with SDH ADD/DROP MUXES (STM-1), Digital primary Drop insert muxes,  and other associated equipment in TPJ(Ex)-TJ-KIK & NGT-VLNK section of southern  railway.


SR/P/SL/EOI-06/OFC dt 12.07.2017

EOI for strengthening of DATA NETWORKS, Railnets for IPAS, NMIS, ETC.


SR/P/SL/EOI-05/SRLY dt 29.06.2017

Quotation for Rental of Xerox Machine


SR/P/Admin/ENQ/Xerox machine dt 28.06.2017


 of manpower


SR/P/Admin/ENQ/manpower/ contract basis. Dt 23.06.2017

EOI for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Telemedicine equipments & related I items

28.06.2017 Postponed to 30.06.2017

SR/P/SL/EOI-04/telemedicine dt 19.06.2017

EOI for Universal  Gateway/IP EPABX(VoIP 8 Port, 1 WAN/LAN Port,2 DKP ports( with 1 DKP  + 1  Operator Console) 4 FXO & 8 FXS Ports & GSM each) with  2 Digital Phones, 8 Analog Phone with CLI and 20  Pair MDF with Universal Gateway/IP EPABXLicence.


Post poned to 30.06.2017

SR/P/SL/EOI-03/IP-EPABX dt 17.06.2017

EOI for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Digital IP based EPABX and carrying out AMC after warranty period.


SR/P/SL/EOI-02/EPABX dt 12.06.2017

Quotation for supply of tyres


SR/P/Admin/ENQ/tyre 17.05.2017

EOI for provision of telecommunication arrangements between Chennai Beach jn and korukkupet(excl) in connection with the 3 rd and 4 th line beach-korukkupet.


SR/P/SL/EOI-01/srly dt 17.05.2017

EOI for Provision of telecommunication arrangements between Chennai Beach jn and korukkupet(excl) in connection with the 3 rd and 4 th line beachjn-korukkupet  


SR/P/SL/EOI-01/srly dt 06.05.2017