SR/P/Admin/ENQ/Xerox machine                                                     DATE:-28.06.2017

                                                                          DUE DATE OF QUOTATION :-06.07.2017

    Time of Opening : 07.07.2017 at 11.00 AM







Dear Sir,


SUB:                           QUOTATION FOR Rental of Xerox machine.


    We shall be obliged if you could forward us your lowest quotation for supply of item mentioned below. Your quotation should reach us before the due date mentioned above.


SL No                                           Description                                                          Qty 

1.Rental of Xerox machine                                                                                         1 no.

(Photo copier)

Canon model -            Xerox machine(digital Photocopier with network printer 

 enlargement and zoom functions

, Lazer Quality copier, Touch screen control 25% to 400%
            zooming with scanner and fax facility


For the period of one year extendable on satisfactory performance.Service which includes all consumables , spares,maintenance & service  except power and paper


Please quote for the following: to be carried out at office                 2. Quotation Validity for 30 days.    .

3. Acceptance for rejection replacement          4.Warranty for one year.

5.ITI reserves the right to accept or reject in part or full any or all the tenders  without assigning any reasons therefore and without incurring any liability to the respondents



    Quotation should be submitted in a sealed cover and above enquiry reference and the data of opening should be cleared mentioned on it .Descriptive pamphlet/ drawing sample/specification etc. Should be sent along with the quotation and rate of sales tax/surcharge on sales tax /ED/CST/Insurance /Freight charge etc. should be clearly indicated in quotation.


Thanking you


For ITI Ltd