Ref:   SR/P/SL/EOI-29/OFC-OLD                                                                                 Date:21.10.2017

ITI Limited a Public-Sector Undertaking of Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of communications and IT. ITI Limited the leading Telecom Equipment manufacturer and solution provider in India is a major supplier of telecom equipment to the service providers like BSNL and MTNL.

Apart from manufacturing its own product range for telecom and IT market segments

ITI is associating with number of Indian Corporate Companies and   MNC’s  to offer Turnkey solutions to our customers like BSNL , MTNL, Indian Army, Railways ,State Govt. Departments and Public Sector Organizations .

The interested and eligible bidders required to work with ITI for providing the below  support.

The Due date for submission of the business proposal is on 31.10.2017 at 17.00 hrs. 

Scope of Work: EOI for Provision of Telecommunication arrangements like provision of NMS, installation of electronic exchange, shifting of OFC equipments and telecom cable  from Old OFC and exchange equipments room to New OFC  room at dindigul jn.


   Your offer should be valid for a period of three months from the expiry of the last date        

    specified for submission of response to EOI.




All information contained herein and the enclosures are confidential information. By accepting this material, the recipient bidder agrees that the information will be held in confidence and will not be reproduced, disclosed or used in whole or in part without

Prior permission of ITI, Similarly, ITI will not divulge any information contained the offers of the bidder’s without their consent.

 ITI will evaluate the EOI based on the set criteria and will choose to short list qualified bidders. Only the eligible would then be invited by the ITI for further discussion.

Interested System Integrator/Vendors who wish to respond may kindly be submit the following details along with the required supporting documents.



Bidders Profile

Name of the Organization                                            :

Complete address                                                           :



Date  of Incorporation in India                                    :.

Contact Person



Telephone /Fax


Service tax registration No                                           :

Pan No                                                                                 :

Article of Association submitted or not   :

ISO or Equivalent certification                     :

Number of regular professional working with the organization:

Annual Turnover                                                                                                  :

Executed similar projects in the last three years                     :

Organization Blacklisted                                                                    :

Litigation on similar services                                                                           :

Any other relevant details                                                                                :

Financial Bid

Consolidated Margin Offered to ITI

(Excluding Tax)





1   The financial bid (indicating the margin clearly) and Technical Bid shall be placed in   

     Separate sealed envelopes only, super scribed with words “Financial Bid” &

     “Technical Bid”. Both the bids are to be placed in a separate sealed cover mentioning

      “DON’T OPEN BEFORE 31.10.2017”

2. THE Bid will be rejected, if the margin is not offered and offered margin is not placed

     in a separate sealed cover.

3.  Please confirm the validity of the offer.

4. Conditional offer is not acceptable.

5.  Penalty imposed, if any for the delay or for any reason shall be passed on to the      

      vendor fully.

6. Termination clause shall be applicable as per the Tender document.

7. EMD, Cost of the tender document:      Back to back.

ITI reserves the right to accept or reject in part or full any or all the EOIs without assigning any reasons therefore and without incurring any liability to the respondents.










The EOI may be sent to the address given below in a sealed cover marked





                                      The Chief Regional Manager


                                 No:1 Jeenis Road

 Panagal Building,III rd Floor

Saidapet,Chennai-600 015.

                         Ph: 044-24361971 24361973 Fax: 044-24350848