ITI LIMITED                                                                  28.09.11

(A Govt.of India Undertaking)


Regional Office

Vibhuti Khand,Gomti Nagar

Lucknow –226010

Tele : 0522–2720301,2720303,2720306,2720849,2721649,2721853,2720305

FAX :0522-2720302



Advertisement for EOI ( Expression of Interest ) on Back-to-Back Business  terms


“Expression of Interest (EOI) is invited from firms with sound financial background to work with ITI Ltd-Lucknow, on back to back terms for participation in various  telecom projects, high value tenders and execution of the same after award of tenders in favour of ITI Ltd for the following type of jobs.


  1. Control Communication Equipments (Primary drop insert / MUX and SDH, STM-1 Equipments).
  2. Computer and Accessories, Networking and IT projects including AMC such as P.Cs, Peripherals, LAN, WAN etc.
  3. Cable laying [ optical fibre], trenching etc. [external plant job], UG cable laying, Pole less Network etc.
  4. Building wiring / minor indoor cable etc.
  5. Telecom PCB, SMPS repairs.
  6. Electrical.
  7. Mechanical.
  8. Electronic components, protective devices and spares.
  9. Interiors such as line wiring.
  10. Advertisement materials.
  11.  Other services:-
    1. Lighting Protection Unit.
    2. PLC (Power Line carrier equipment )based control system.
    3. GSM ( Global Switching Module )fencing.
    4. Fire Fighting equipment / solar energy based systems
    5. Integrated Subscriber  Digital Network equipments.
    6. Video Conferencing equipments
    7. Information Kisok.

h.      Flex banner.

i.      Integrated Protection Module (IPM).

j.      Display Board/ VPT.

k.       Electronic TIB/ CIB.

l.      Transmission Tower.

m. Equipments for  BTS infrastructure.

n.  repair of  CDOT cards & repair / supply of HVP devices.

o.     RF optimization of GSM/CDMA.

p. I.P.Telephony & Networking/all types of telephone sets / Electro magnetic field measurement/ Testing and measurement equipments for Telecom and Railways.

q. Supply & Installation of ISDN EPABX

r.       CCTV & Survillence Equipments

s.      IVRS based call centre /data centre

t.        Biometric/Radio Frequency Identity  cards

u.  GPS/GPRS based  application

v.      ERP/E tendering/E-Learning/E-Governace/hospital management software etc.

w.    Different type of software development works such as load & performance testing tools for web application

x.      Digitization of records

y.      Electronic Ticketing Machines/Hand Held computers

z.      All Govt. projects on PPP/BOO/BOT/BOOT/BLOT/BLT model etc.Radio Frequency (RF) optimization work


Interested Firms may please apply in our prescribed format given below, alongwith all enclousers as mentioned therein  in a sealed envelop, marking “ EMPANELMENT”  and please submit the same at the following address:-








Empanelment Fee


Along with the application form a demand draft of Rs. 10,000/= (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) in favour of ‘ ITI Limited ‘ to be enclosed towards empanelment fees, which is non refundable. Application received without empanelment fees would not be entertained.






The following terms needs to be fulfilled by firms as part of their eligibilty criteria, the firm should :-


1.Be a registered organization ( company / partnership firm / proprietorship concern etc ) with business record of at least 3 financial years and have all statutary registrations like PAN, Sales Tax, Service Tax etc. as applicable to its respective business.


2.Submit last 3 years audited balance sheet and profit & loss account with positive net worth and profit respectively.


3.Submit certificate issued by bank during last six months for having confirmed solvency and account details of the firm.


4.Submit past experience of projects execution in the required field to the satisfaction of the committee formed in this regard.



FOR ITI Limited

Chief Regional  Manager



































Name of the organization ( Company / Partnership firm / Proprietorship concern etc. )


Date of incorporation / Registration


Area of business for which firm is registered


Sales Tax registration no.


Service tax registration & code no.




IT Return Filed upto


Annual Turnover for last 3 financial years as per audited accounts


( a ) year


( b ) year


( c ) year


Annual Profit for last 3 financial years as per audited accounts


( a ) year


( b ) year


( c ) year


Net worth as per audited accounts for the last financial year


Solvency certificate issued during the last 6 months


Past experience of handling project / works     ( business category wise )


(a) Amount & details of PO Received


(b)  Amount & details of PO Executed / Completed along with completion certificates


Previous Experience with ITI Limited


Product / Project wise Business Projection for the next 2 years 


Acceptance for submitting Tender fee, EMD, PBG (“ if required )


Acceptance for all terms and conditions of customer on back to back basis.


Additional Credit period to ITI if any, from the date of payment received from the customer


Man power details


(a) Technical


(b) Non Technical