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Ref. no:ITI/RO/BAEMP Dt:12.12.2011




On behalf of ITI Limited, Hyderabad , proposals are invited from the interested parties in duplicate, who are interested to associate with ITI LIMITED, RO-HYDERBAD, in the following fields.


Telecommunication Products / Services (Supply, Installation, Commissioning,

Maintenance & AMC)


(a) Telecom Cable Laying

(b) EPABX / Other Exchanges &AMCs

(c) Video Conferencing, Security Surveillance Equipment etc.

(d) Computer Hardware / Software

(e) Networking and communication infrastructure related works

(f) IT Projects including AMC.

(g) Any other Telecommunication Business / Activity.

(h) Repair of CDOT PCB`S & SMPS Modules.

(i) Others in consent with ITI Ltd.


Interested parties meeting the following criteria are required to submit their antecedents, financial strength, manpower details, experience, prospective business projections etc. as per the format at Annexure I, in duplicate, along with a one time non-refundable fee of Rs. 10,000/- in the form of DD in favor of ITI Limited, Hyderabad.








Eligibility conditions of Business Associate for Empanelment :



a)      To be a registered organization ( Company / Partnership firm / Proprietorship Concern etc.) with proven track record of at least 3 financial years and have all Statutory registrations like PAN, Sales Tax, Service Tax etc. as applicable to Its respective business.


b)      To submit the Audited Balance Sheet of last 3 financial years, Profit and Loss Account with Positive net worth and profit respectively.


c)      To submit certificate issued by Bank during last six months for having confirmed solvency and account details of Business Associate.


d)      To submit past experience of projects Execution and project completion certificates in the required field to the satisfaction of the committee formed in this regard.


e)      To accept all terms & conditions of customer Tender / Work (including terms of Payment, LD, Penalty, Tender fee, EMD (app. @ 2% ) Security Deposit, ( 5% ) Performance Bank Guarantee , etc. on back to back basis.



Decision, regarding selection of Business Associate (BA) by ITI would be firm and final. ITI may select / reject any of the proposals without assigning any reason and not responsible to justify its decision to any of the related party.



Terms & Conditions:

EOI should be submitted in duplicate duly attested on all the pages by competent authorized signatory who has power of attorney of signing .


Rates quoted to the end customer should be at par with the market trend and should not be abnormal. Fair business ethics should be followed.


Conditional offers are liable for rejection.


Confidentiality: Utmost confidentiality to be maintained in all the dealings / transactions.


Validity of offers / BGs etc shall be as applicable to the end customer.


The facility of advance payment from the customer, if any, shall not be passed to BA`s.


BA`s shall bear all the costs associated with tender submission, follow up, execution and all other EMDs/SDs/PBGs applicable as per ITI / customer norms. If any expenses are incurred by ITI like getting extension of EMD and/or PBG due to extension of delivery period, etc., charges towards the same, if any, shall be borne by BAs.


The selection of BA`s shall be on the basis of technical competency and credentials along with the commercial conditions offered to ITI on respective supplies / services, subject to meeting the minimum limits set by ITI in respective category. Any other operational expenses incurred by ITI towards the execution of the order shall be absorbed by BAs.


Release of final payment against PO/WO issued to Business Associate shall be done only after ensuring no pending responsibility / liability on account of ITI towards any pending work / issues / payments / warranty / tax matters / Commercial obligation etc.

EMD shall be forfeited or BG shall be encashed by ITI in the event of Business Associate not honoring the commitments and/or fails to execute the work / Project as per agreed terms / customer`s requirement.

In the event of Business Associate not executing the order as per customer`s / Tender

requirement , ITI may cancel its order on such Business Associate and may take alternative action including selection of a new Business Associate for executing such order at the risk and cost of defaulted Business Associate